How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Learn How to increase website Traffic without SEO in Blogger its easy to create a blog but it’s not easy get traffic in your new blog. That’s why many new blogger are deleted there blog only for one reason “No traffic or low traffic” on there blog.

if you are a new blogger and you really need to know some fast and effective way to get traffic on your website or blog then you’re on the right website and this article is for you because in this article I am going to tell you How to get millions of traffic to your website. 

how to increase website traffic

Top 5 way to increase your Blog traffic


YouTube is the best and biggest source to get real and organic traffic on your website. You can get traffic by making videos and adding your website link in video description.

“There are many people’s which can’t afford PC but if you have PC then the process is same like Android”

if you don’t have PC but you have an android phone then make any type of video on topic which you love or you are thinking that this topic is good for you.

Example: if you want to make a video on Jobs then first you need to write an article on job. After writing the article you need to make a video by screen recording in your mobile or PC then mention your job article in the video and then give Job apply link in your website and don’t forget to write your website link in video description.


Facebook Groups

There are billions of people are using Facebook and creating groups for there friends and family, work, entertainment, fun and other Facebook groups and making people together.

If you need traffic on your website then Facebook is the best source to get traffic and you really need to join groups on Facebook.

For Example: first of all I am giving you some tips on sharing your post link in Facebook

●Don’t share too much link

●Join multiple languages groups

●Join multiple country groups

if you have a website on recipe then you need to join all the groups related to your topic and then you need to post your website article link in the group because the people which have joined the recipe group are really like food recipe post that’s why you’r content is valuable and helpful for someone.


Pinterest is the biggest traffic source for content creators blog and websites. You also notice that if you search something on Google like what is SEO? When the result appear then you see that the first article is trending and in 5th or 4th position the same article is trending but in this time the article is on Pinterest.

That’s why Pinterest is very helpful in increasing website traffic No matter if you have Pinterest followers or not you really need to try this website if you want to increase your Blog traffic.

how to increase traffic on website for free


Reddit is the biggest source of traffic like other social media platforms. reddit ranks 18 in the global on alexa rank. You get massive traffic from this website by doing simple things you just need to post your article on reddit add 3 or 4 line from your article then add the article image you need to post in reddit and link your article URLs in the post then publish the article and approve it by yourself by clicking Approve button.

how to increase traffic on website for free


This website gives you to know  how to increase traffic on website  and can get unlimited traffic because in this website you need to answer other people questions if you have knowledge then you need to answer any question and in last if your article is related to the answer then you need to add your related article link in the post. That’s it

For Example: if someone ask question you on How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog Then you need to write the answer by adding you article or website link.that’s the easy way to get high traffic from quora.

how to increase traffic on website for free


In this article I really tell you the way about how to get traffic to your website fast If you want real and instant traffic to your website then you need to join all the social media platforms and share your articles links.

So that’s all for today meet you in next blog, If you are A blogger Than A magic Recommendation For You!

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